In 1810, in this structure, the Foundress St. Magdalene of Canossa shared with the nuns of the Cavanis Institute the educational method she had established in the first seat in Verona.

She came to Venice in 1812, and opened a school and oratory for boys in S.Lucia, thus founding the male branch. The Canossian Mothers, in 1862, started the school in this location.

For years, until 1990, little girls, girls, and adolescents from Venice were educated in these buildings. Some former students, still now, when they pass near here, stop to see what the environment is like now and to say goodbye to the Mothers, sometimes telling some news.

Maddalena left the Canossian Mothers a great gift: to educate young people so that they may have a good life getting acquainted with Jesus, to find in Him the friend and the guide that enhances their lives with virtue and meaning.

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