Covid-19 Protocol




BEFORE reaching the Holiday House:

  • the obligation to stay at home in the presence of fever (over 37.5°) or other flu symptoms;
  • the obligation to stay at home if you have been in contact with virus positive people in the previous 14 days;
  • the awareness and acceptance of having to declare in a timely manner if, after entering, dangerous conditions appear (flu symptoms, onset of fever, etc.);
  • the commitment to comply with all hygienic provisions and those relating to the measures of distance and correct behaviour.


  • At the entrance there are signs and images that indicate the obligation of the ma-scherina and the distance of 1 meter ALWAYS in common areas;
  • after the entrance you are welcomed with friendliness, but without the handshake;
  • a sanitizer dispenser is arranged to be used at the entrance to the building at all times;
  • in order to avoid any crowding and for the protection of the staff, we ask for a copy of your identity document or passport to be sent within three days beforehand, which will be shown on arrival together with the signature of the acceptance of the personal data processing;
  • in the case of multiple bookings (groups and family groups) the group leader or the head of the family acts as sole agent for the check-in procedure, the delivery of the keys and other requests;
  • in the lift rooms 1 person at a time, the measure is waived for family groups and for those who share the room;

Before pressing buttons and entering, sanitizer is used.


STAYING – entrance and exit

  • you leave the residence according to the instructions, leaving the room key in the box provided;
  • when you return, you pick up the key at the reception where it was unlocked.




STAYING – the room:

note: the rooms have been cleaned and disinfested, including air conditioning.

  • the room is delivered after aeration, cleaning and disinfection, and that may delay its delivery, but it’s good for security;
  • on the table there is a product for the disinfection of the environment (surfaces, handles, toilet lid, objects…) if the guest needs it;
  • in the bathroom there is a dustbin with a lid for waste, including the paper used to clean with disinfectant;
  • the staff disinfects the bathroom daily and cleans the room;
  • Guests are kindly requested to leave their change of clothes on the shower floor;
  • no bed is made during the stay;

it is important that, from the morning and at other times, the room is ventilated by opening the window.


STAYING – common areas

  • use the mask, respect the distance of 1 meter (see sign-ticle)i
  • use sanitizer as needed;

take care of the cleaning and collection of waste in the containers provided.


  1. vending machine room: no more than 3 people at a time (there is hygienic cleaning).
  2. Guest kitchen : follow the entrance and exit signs;

                         to be used only for breakfast for individuals and family groups;

                         lunch and dinner: only purchased food purchased with the takeout;

                         access is only allowed to 8 people at a time.
note: groups do not have access, at the time of booking they can make a request and agree with the management.

  1. courtyard: the rules of distance given by the authorities are respected;

                        it can be used to eat take-away food, but not to create parties or buffet.

we invite you to:
Do not make any noise (slamming doors, talking out loud…) late at night.

Respect the furniture, furnishings and walls.

Do not smoke in the room or in closed places.

Report any breakages/damages at reception.


to communicate with the reception dial number 9


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